Ace Tutoring is an organization of trusted and experienced tutors. Based in Buffalo, NY our tutors have years of both in-person and remote tutoring experience, including remote international students. We will help you ace your class or exam! We offer individualized one-on-one or small-group tutoring tailored to your needs. Most of our tutors are students and teachers from the Buffalo, NY area. Our goal is to pair students with tutors who serve as role models and provide academically rigorous and personalized tutorial services.


We offer tutoring in all levels of Math, Science, English, History, Language, Foreign Language, and other subjects across all grade levels.


SAT, SAT II, ACT, SSAT, GMAT, GRE, Regents, AP exams

Dineen C says…

“Abigail tutored my daughter for the SAT’s and all her scores increased significantly.”

Barbara M says…

“Great first session. My daughter really enjoyed her session. She is nice, patient, and knowledgeable. You cannot ask for any better in a tutor!”

Donna M says…

“Our daughter is a good student but felt she needed help with Algebra 2. Abigail is extremely knowledgeable, communicates well and takes a genuine interest in her subject and pupil. We have been very happy.”

Kathy A says…

“Explains things to my daughter in a way she can understand! She feels comfortable enough to ask questions and not feel “stupid.” We will definitely continue to use her!”

Jim H says…

“Abigail tutored my grandson to increase his confidence in beginning high school math. She quickly identified his weaknesses and managed to review the last two years of grade school math in 10 one hour sessions. She was very encouraging and consistently kept him upbeat. He soon believed that he was more than capable of doing regents level high school math. I highly recommend Abbey.”

Anita Y says…

“Thank you very much for providing a great tutoring service and tutors who are educated and experienced.”